File for your Business License

Do you need a business license?

Once your business entity is formed, you can begin applying for any necessary federal or state licenses and permits. 

Note: None of the contents of this site should be considered legal advice. 

Federal Licenses & Permits

You’ll need a federal license or permit if any of the below situations apply to your business:

  • Import or transport of animals, animal products, biologicals, or plants across state lines.
  • Manufacturing, wholesale, import, or sell of alcoholic beverages. 
  • Operating an aircraft, transporting goods or people via air, or aircraft maintenance. 
  • Manufacturing, dealing or importing firearms, ammunition, and/or explosives.
  • Engaging in any wildlife-related activity, including the import or expert of wildlife and products.
  • Commercial fishing.
  • Ocean transportation or shipment of cargo by sea.
  • Drilling for natural gas, oil, or mineral resources on federal lands.
  • Involves nuclear energy.
  • Radio or television broadcast.
  • Operating an oversize or overweight vehicle. 

To learn more and apply for these federal licenses and/or permits, click here

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State & Local Licenses & Permits

To determine if you need a state business license, click here. Many times, you may not need a state license but will need a license from your local city or county. You can find out by contacting your city or visiting their website. If you’re still unsure, reach out to your local SBA, they’ll be able to assist you and can even provide you with a free business mentor.

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