7 of the Best Free Tools to Start your own Business

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If you’re considering becoming an entrepreneur or monetizing a passion of yours, here are 7 of the best free tools for starting your own business.

SCORE aims to help entrepreneurs successfully start their own business, offering free business mentors, events, workshops, and tons of resources including templates and articles. Be sure to check out their library with over 700 articles for starting your own business.

If you’re stuck on finding the perfect name for your business, Namelix.com can help. Namelix uses artificial intellengence to help you find the perfect name for your business.

free tools for starting your own business

Trello is one of my favorite project management tools. Imagine if Pinterest and Asana had a baby, and you have a good idea of what Trello is like. You can create teams, projects, checklists, and have the option to have photos to anything. 

Docracy is like the wikipedia of free legal templates. Docracy has contracts, service agreements, lease agreements, just about anything you can imagine and possibly need for your business.

While Startup to Fi isn’t as robust as SCORE, it has a ton of resources to walk you through starting a business, business ideas, and recommendations to help you build financial independence along the way. 

Loom allows you to create videos, record your screen (with voice), and easily share your videos across devices – all for free. 

Press Kite helps you create a killer press kit for your business within a matter of mintues. Their free templates and samples are meant to help you grow your business while building PR for your business – for free.